21BLACK is a hard rock power trio formed in May 2004.  The sound of the band is diverse, drawing musical influences from rock, jazz, and classical music.  21BLACK appeared in Ponderous Productions 2008 movie series "The Innocent Killers".  In 2009, the band released their debut album “Now is the Time”.

Leo Zepeda - Drums

Leo Zepeda, Jr. holds a Masters degree in Music from UT Austin. His music experience began in the Tejano music scene, playing trumpet and saxophone for Latin Lites II, Jesse Serata and the Sunshine Band, and La Sombra. He credits his father Leo Sr. (former drummer for Freddie Fender) as being his earliest musical influence.

Besides being the driving force in the band, Leo is also an integral part of filling out the sound of the band with his harmonizing vocals.

Rob Chiappie - Bass

Bass player extraordinaire from the Pacific Northwest. Rob is a champion of G&L basses.

Robert Gloria - Guitar

Robert started on classical piano, but decided to take up the guitar after witnessing the bombastic antics of Ritchie Blackmore at concerts in Southern California. At the time, the music rich radio airways of Los Angeles exposed him to heavy doses of Deep Purple, Van Halen, and Robin Trower.

Robert performs with EVH Wolfgang guitars, EVH 5150 amps, and Engl amps. He is inspired by the music of Bach, Beethoven, and Tchaikosvky.